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STD Testing Services is the premiere STD clinic in Las Vegas NV. We offer our clients discreet and highly confidential STD testing services such as HIV testing, herpes testing and many others.

Adults even if in the most romantic of relationships should take all the necessary precautions when engaging in sex. Practicing safe sex is something that all people should do. Not only does safe sex prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies but safe sex also protects both parties from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Getting checked regularly is also a good practice for sexually active people. If you would like to have yourself checked, but are too shy to go to your doctor, STD Testing Services in LV is here to help you out..

Since 2009, we have been one of the most trusted and highly dependable STD clinics here in Las Vegas NV. We have knowledgeable and highly trained counselors who are available any time to speak to patients regarding their concerns on STD testing. We offer a full range of STD testing services such as HIV testing, Herpes testing and many more. We have multiple locations to serve you. Call for more details Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm and on Saturday from 8am to 2pm. We accept Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, cash and checks.